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Japanese Marshmallow Candy with Apple Pudding, 2.8 oz

Japanese Marshmallow Candy with Apple Pudding, 2.8 oz

Receiving the monde selection quality label in 2014 for their high quality, the Tenkei company serves to create fun treats with a higher standard for quality and taste. A popular treat from them, their apple jam filled marshmallow is a convenient treat that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Marshmallow as soft as mochi is wrapped around a smooth apple jam that introduces the bright and fruity taste of sweet red apples for a candy that's not just sugary but flavorful.

  • Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, apple jam (normal chain oligosaccharide, apple preserve, maltose, sugar, apple pulp), gelatin, corn starch, dextrin, dietary fiber, sorbitol, citric acid, calcium, pectin, artificial flavor, pH regulator. Contains apple, gelatin. May contain wheat, soy, milk.
  • Facts: Product of Japan
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