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Heroine Make Volume Control Mascara (#1 Super Black)

Heroine Make Volume Control Mascara (#1 Super Black)

Film-type, Dial-up mascara that you can control your eyelash volume by twisting the bottom tab from 'Natural' to 'Full Volume'

  • Cutom Volume Dial for 3 DIfferent Finishes.

Level One: Natural- Perfect for Lower Lashes or Natural Look.

Level Two: Volume- Good for Everyday Look. Not too Dramatic yet Clear and Defined

Level Three: Full Volume- Dramatic Volume Eyelash

  • Smudge Resistant against Sweat & Water, Can be washed off with Warm Water.
  • Beauty Ingredients: (Camellia Folwer Oil, Wild Rose Flower Oil, Royal Jelly, Argan Oil, etc) Contained.


  • In the morning or night time, apply to clean eyelashes.
  • Apply the eyelash serum from the roots to tips of eyelash.
  • Please avoid direct contact with eyes.
  • After use, wipe off the tip of eyelash serum with clean tissue and close the cap. 
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